LSi Storage Building Blocks

It’s probably safe to say that every high performance computing (HPC) project is different, with unique storage requirements. These storage systems supporting energy, finance, government, manufacturing, media, and research applications solve complex problems using terabytes and even petabytes of data.

Of course, data storage solutions for these projects need to be high-performing, scalable, and manageable. And lowering the total cost of ownership, reducing the power footprint, and simplifying administration are crucial design elements.

LSI storage building blocks can help you meet the demands of today’s most demanding HPC projects and their wide-ranging requirements. For example, here’s a story about the MegaRAID® SAS 9260-8i controller card and the MegaRAID CacheCade™ software, describing:

  • The Dark Energy survey that hopes to answer the question of why expansion of our Universe is accelerating
  • Requirements of the project’s data storage system
  • Components used
  • How the MegaRAID controller and CacheCade software helped to maximize throughput, scalability, and performance

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How an LSI RAID controller and advanced software improved performance 20x for the Dark Energy Survey HPC project.

“Now that we’ve proven that we can deliver the performance levels needed at the node level with a single 9260-8i card, we plan on installing multiple LSI RAID controllers in each node, which will allow even larger SSD caching pools to be used per node, and allow us to begin scaling to the full deployment.”

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