Give your clients high level performance

Meeting growing storage needs in Direct Attached Storage (DAS) environments and Storage Area Networks (SAN) can be inefficient and costly. Organizations often struggle with expensive multiple servers routed to many storage devices, unequal use of storage, limited sharing and performance requirements– plus time-consuming backups and upgrades for each array. The LSI SAS Switch can help solve all of these problems, enabling your customers to connect multiple servers to one or more storage systems.


It delivers:

  • High level performance
    16 non-blocking, 4-lane-wide ports deliver 24 gigabits per second (Gb/s) SAS connections, providing a massive 384Gb/s total bandwidth. The Switch can outperform iSCSI and fibre channel at lower cost, using the SAS technology already available to your customers.
  • Effortless management
  • Scalable
  • Exceptional availability
  • Reduced costs
  • Superior security
  • Easier integration
  • Efficient cooling